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We need your phone number as an alternate means of communication in the event that email fails, an ever increasing problem in these days of tighter and tighter spam filters.

If cookies are not enabled, if you are using a public computer, if your contact data fail to validate, or if you do not wish to submit this form for any reason, please send a copy of the italicized message above together with your contact information to sunshine@sunshinestudio.com using your email client. If you prefer, you may phone your order to us at (800) 348-9273 for US orders, or (505) 984-3216 for international orders. (Note that we do not answer the phone during the first hour and a half after a new posting.) You may also fax your order and/or credit card information to us at (505) 986-0765.

When you click the "BuyMe" button, a web form is set up on your screen. This form requests your contact information. A "Confirm BuyMe" button also appears on the lower part of your screen. After you fill in the contact information and click on the "Confirm BuyMe" button, an email requesting that we check the availability of one item is sent to sunshine@sunshinestudio.com.

After we receive the email, we will check our inventory, confirm availability of the item(s) purchased, and send you a draft invoice and payment instructions by return email. Please be patient. A member of the Sunshine Studio staff personally checks our inventory and then sends you the invoice. Normally we respond within a few minutes to a few hours. If you send your request after business hours or on a Sunday or holiday, we will answer by noon of the next business day.

An order to Sunshine Studio is built up one item at a time. For an order consisting of several items, select one item at a time and click on the "BuyMe/Confirm BuyMe" buttons once for each item. If you click on the "BuyMe/Confirm BuyMe" button several times within a short time, we will combine your several items into a single order.

If you wish, you may send an email order to sunshine@sunshinestudio.com using your personal email. This email must contain a list of the items you wish to purchase and a phone number where we can call you in the event that "reply to" your email does not work. You may phone in your order to (800) 984-3216 or (505) 984-3216 if you wish. We also accept fax orders at (505) 986-0765.

After you receive your invoice, you may "Send Money" to sunshine@sunshinestudio.com using PayPal in the amount of the total of your merchandise plus $8 shipping per order for orders totalling less than $300. If you wish to use a credit card, you may go to www.sunshinestudio.com/creditcard.html

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